Monday, December 17, 2012

Baking Secrets

I love baking. I mean, it’s more relaxing than any other form of cooking.  So, you will find me baking a lot. Cakes being my favourite. Anyways, I always keep searching for those small tips that may improve my baking. Here's a list of a few. I will keep updating them as and when I remember something.

1. I prefer using Instant yeast or fast action yeast than dry yeast for making breads. As the bread dough proves and rises much better this way.

2. In any recipe that includes yeast and salt together, be very careful that the yeast doesn’t come in direct contact with the salt – or the yeast will not work. Now what I normally do is, I sprinkle salt on the edges of the flour before mixing the yeast into a well in the centre when making the dough. (In case, you have any other method, do let me know)

3. Whenever, a recipe calls for beating the eggs with sugar till ‘light’ or ‘double in volume’, use granulated sugar instead of caster sugar. Granulated sugar helps in getting a better result.

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