Sunday, December 23, 2012

The French didnt invent the "French Toast"?

Nov 28th is World French Toast day.

Now what I like about French Toast is the fact that it does not matter how stale the bread is (as long it isn’t spoilt). It’s easy and effortless and so yummy. My mom was the first person to introduce this recipe to me. More like a Sunday Breakfast for us. And because my brother doesn’t like sweet, she turned his into a savoury one. With salt and chilly replacing sugar.

And just because it is called French Toast, it is not French at all. Though a similar version of it is called “Pain Purdue” meaning “Lost Bread” in France. Lost meaning Stale over here. Its origins are somewhere in Europe (some say, it might have been Rome). In Germany it is called “Armer Ritter” meaning “Poor Knight”.

Now recipes can be adapted and changed. And that’s the best part about them. Some of the different adaptations to the Traditional FT would be Stuffed French toast made by putting fruit toppings, cheese or other mixtures between two pieces of bread before soaking and cooking.

The base for French Toast is the eggy mixture (The British call it, Eggy Bread). Adding sugar or salt is then upon you. And yes, don’t forget to make it with love. I say that, makes all the difference.

And I am attaching the link for the Basic recipe. So that the next time, you feel the bread has become stale, revive it and make “French Toast”

Image Courtesy: Yahoo Images.

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