Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why is there Noodle in my Soup?

Wheat noodles have their origins from the Middle East. In Asia, Noodles would be cooked with the broth from chicken or hot water.

I love the Simple Chicken Noodle soup. It is by far considered the most popular noodle soup in the world. People have variations to it; they add/subtract vegetables accordingly.

In some cultures, folk wisdom says the soup has a curative property that helps with flus and colds. Believe it or not, I remember, my mom making this soup especially when I was running a cold. When I was working, there was this small restaurant close to my house which served this soup. I must say, it was nothing like my mom’s soup, but pretty much the second best I have ever eaten. And I am sure; you each must have a story too.

And in case, your stomach is still not full, you can always serve it with a side dish.

1. Chicken, roast beef, turkey, bologna, egg, ham and tuna sandwiches all compliment the chicken soup flavors.

2. You can put some carrot, bell pepper and celery sticks to serve on the side and use the chicken noodle soup as a dip.

3. You can prepare a green tossed salad with different kinds of green leaves and a light dressing to eat with the soup. A refreshing cucumber and tomato salad can balance out the heaviness of the chicken noodle soup.

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